About us


Honorbiotech is a global peptide company specialized in providing top quality peptide related products and small peptide custom manufacturing service. we have full range of peptides refer to the field of cosmetic, veterinary, supplement and pharmaceutical, specially for cosmetic and veterinary peptide. we have ten years experiences for target market entrance permission and export, it greatly helps our clients to build and develop the business.

Our expertise allows to enlarge the production capacity of small peptide up to hundreds of Kilograms, and we insist on quality first, every batch of our products are through comprehensive quality analysis and strict quality control in accordance with GMP guideline.

We focus on providing better peptide, we strive to offer better peptide solutions, quality raw materials, consulting on your project sourcing and partnership, and provide an integral solution on package, cost-effective approach and safe transportation.

  • Our products:  Cosmetic peptide, Veterinary peptide, Peptide supplement etc.

  • Our service:   New peptide and small peptide development and manufacturing